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Raleigh is a growing city of about 600,000 residents and is located in Wake County of North Carolina and will give everyone something to appreciate. You will find great colleges here, as well as a lot of other activities and attractions. Plus, this growing city has a booming housing market. We are proud to call the Triangle home and to be able to be there to make sure you are making smart decisions when buying a home.

Excellent mold inspection service takes a special professional touch. Fortunately for you, we have all of the services and solutions that you need to know if your home or a home you want to buy has mold issues. Our IAC2 certified professionals and state-licensed home inspectors have much experience and will give you the mold inspection that you need and your family need and deserve, whether it's your beautiful home or professional business.

It doesn't whether you need a complete mold inspection or a limited mold inspection because we’ll get answers for you. We specialize in both residential and small business mold inspections, and this includes your home, apartment, townhouse, condo, etc. Raleigh Mold Inspection is committed to giving you the best quality service in North Carolina, no matter what type of type you are dealing with inside your home or business.

Our expert IAC2 certified mold technicians who are also licensed NC home inspectors give you the peace of mind that you deserve in knowing that the home you live in or expect to live in is safe for yourself and your family. You can always count on us to provide you with the best inspection each time.

Let us show you why we are always the best choice in mold inspections in Raleigh. Call us today to schedule an inspection, we're ready to get started whenever you need us, so pick up the phone today. When you want quality service, you can count on Raleigh Mold Inspection as your personal mold inspection company in Raleigh, NC.

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