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Mold can be a severe problem not only for health but also for the structural integrity of your home. It can show up when least expected and where you least expect it. Mold is not good, and the quicker you get it inspected and taken care of, the faster you can get back to a happy and healthy home. The professional mold inspectors in Raleigh can help.

A mold inspection consists of three parts:

  • A non-invasive inspection of the home to determine conditions conducive to mold growth.
  • Taking indoor and outdoor air samples as well as surface samples if mold is present.
  • Send the samples to the lab for testing and create a report.

Locating the potential problem areas in your home or business is the first step. To do this, we will search for signs of mold growth, including mold that may be growing on your walls, as well as for signs of moisture hidden behind your walls using an infrared camera. Signs of moisture include water spots on the walls, excessive condensation on your windows, window leaks, uneven foundation, clogged gutters, or gaps, and cracks in the exterior of the property.

We conduct a visual non-invasive inspection of all the ventilation systems, as well as the air conditioning and heating units. We are mainly looking for dampness in filters, but we are also looking for any damp areas in other parts of the system, while also doing a check for general cleanliness. After a thorough visual inspection of the potential problem areas for the growth of mold as well as for evidence of moisture, we then will pinpoint the cause and put together a game plan for remediation.

We can’t forget the crawlspace and attic. These areas are notorious for mold growth for many reasons that we will discuss with you. A couple of problem areas are typically roof penetrations leaking through the roof and into the attic, and a missing vapor barrier in the crawlspace.

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Mold Sampling and Testing

To do mold sampling, we will take tape samples of the surfaces, which appears to be apparent mold growth, as well as air samples from outdoors and those areas where we have discovered the growth of mold. Three samples are included in the mold inspection, although more samples can be taken for the sample fee. However, we will always be mindful that with the use of ventilation systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and fans, cross-contamination can still be a concern. For example, airborne mold spores on the second floor have the potential for traveling to the first floor through ducts and vents.

Visual Mold Inspection

Take Mold Samples

Chain of Custom Form

mold on rafter beam in attic
air-o-cell mold air samples in zip lock bag for the lab to test
chain of custody form for documenting mold samples

Lab Tested Mold Samples and Your Written Report

Once we have gathered all the required data needed, we will send the tape and air samples to the laboratory for scientific analysis. When we receive the lab results of the mold samples, we will assemble and provide you with a detailed mold inspection report describing all of our findings, along with the lab report included, and we will provide you recommendations for the next steps.

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